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Our Story

My grandmother, Yi Fang, married to a young farmer. For three generations, our family has been planting pineapples for a living.  With an epiphany, grandma braised the overripe golden pineapples into preservable homemade jam.

Our most sought out drink, Yifang Fruit Tea, inherited not only grandma’s name, but also her secret recipe. We have put the early-Taiwan epitome, historic memories and warm hospitality in this one cup of drink -- using home-made organic cane sugar, seasonal fresh fruits, natural ingredients (zero concentrated juice and powders. In every sip, you can taste the freshness of the tea and sweetness of the fruits, recreating the authentic and classic Taiwanese flavor all over again.


​Brand Value

1. Use only MIT ingredients to support local farmers

2. All ingredients are traceable for better safety

3. Contract farming to guarantee seasonal fresh fruits

4. Fresh milk to ensure quality and purity

5. Traditional recipes for nostalgic taste

6. Yifang homemade jam is free of chemical additives

7. Value customer experience and inspire for resonation


​Now Yifang comes to Texas!

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