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Why YiFang

Upon its establishment in 2016, YIFANG Fruit Tea, adored by many consumers, has quickly caused a frenzy, and YIFANG teashop has made several impressive achievements and been greatly praised by the media from time to time. After accumulating solid, abundant, and successful experiences, YIFANG is now ready to disseminate its Taiwan experience to overseas.



With its professional operations team, effective management of YIFANG’ s know-hows, and the models of success of its various brands, the headquarters is confident and determined in developing and expanding its catering brand to worldwide and enhancing the quality of its food service.

What do we value?


Although experience is not required to run a YIFang franchise store, we do prefer franchisees who have past experience in management or running bakery shop, cafe type of stores.


To ensure a smooth and successful operation, we do need to make sure that our franchisees have enough resources to conquer any upcoming obstacles.


Passion, Passion, Passion

"Passion changes everything."

Franchise Process

Grand Opening

Fill Out the Inquiry Form/ Introduction  to the Franchise System
Personal interview for  both parties
Signing the  Franchise Contract
Store Renovation
Complete  Education and Training
Consulting Specialist  for Preparation of New Open Shop

YiFang Texas

Franchise Inquiry

Do you have a preferred location?
Have you owned and operated a business before?
When do you want to start operating a Yifang tea shop?

Thanks for submitting! 

  A sales representative will contact you soon!

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